Catalogs and Coconuts

Not so very long ago, a lot of shopping was done at home. The shopper would pore through the many pages of the Sears catalog, which was bigger than the local phone book and offered pretty much anything you could want. At one point they were even selling little girls.

In good time, the Wells Fargo wagon would rumble down the street laden with wooden crates full of hopes and dreams and cotton underwear.

We were still doing this when I was a kid. The Sears catalog was a wonderland. It was such fun looking at the pictures, dreaming of things we’d never order and making fun of the models and their goofy poses. “Yes, I’m standing here in my underwear, but I’m not looking at the camera, so it doesn’t count.”

Don’t you miss the days of shirt and sock sets?

On the growing list of things that no longer exist goes a stack of dusty catalogs; even the words ‘catalog shopping’ have been retired. All these years since Ma Ingalls turned to Sears mail order for her shoe button hooks, I turn to Amazon for everything I can’t find in Hilo. I sit in front of my computer instead of in an easy chair with a catalog cradled in my lap, but the result is the same. The squat mail delivery van, the brown UPS truck, sometimes even Lord Fedex himself–they all drop by my house bringing me hopes and dreams and cotton underwear. And if I squint my eyes and really concentrate, I can just barely hear the clip-clop of hoof beats fading into the distance.

Or maybe that’s just someone knocking together a couple of coconut shells. That’s much more likely around here.

6 thoughts on “Catalogs and Coconuts

  1. Those catalogs do bring back memories. I am still navigating through the mail delivery system here. Amazon will deliver big items like a hammock and a push lawnmower to Hawaiian Paradise Park, but not small items like a yoga mat or a hot pot. I enjoyed your “coconuts” reference at the end.

    ❤ Alana

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    1. I’m still baffled! I do not understand what can and cannot be delivered. Also, many companies advertise free shipping until you get to checkout where they tell you it’s free for the mainland but if your punishment for living in paradise is that you will pay double the value of the item to have it shipped here.

      Glad you enjoyed the coconuts. I’m a big Monty Python fan.

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      1. Yes, that part is frustrating! I have to circle back around and remind myself of all the advantages of being here. It is nice that most of the conveniences are readily available (just a short drive to Hilo) I do wish it were easier to get deliveries out here to save money. On another note, have you gone to the Uncle Roberts market yet?

        ❤ Alana


      2. I will definitely have to check it out. My partner and I are not big crowd people, but we keep hearing about it. We love the Maku’u Sunday farmer’s market.


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