Earthly Delights

Just outside my front door, there’s a bush that bears white flowers. They are pinwheel shaped and have wavy petals. They smell so sweet, it’s like inhaling love. I think it’s some exotic type of gardenia, but it really ought to have an equally exotic name like Blissifer or Cinderella’s Slipper or Forever Grandma. I’m open to suggestions.
sweet white flowerWe’ve started working on the garden, and are discovering that under the leaves and behind the weeds and hiding among the snail shells and neon green lizards lies a richness and variety of plant life that is hard to describe. Whoever originally conceived this garden and coaxed it into reality had exquisite taste.

garden with pineapple

Yes, that’s a pineapple in the foreground, a purple one. I didn’t know such a thing existed. And I have no clue about what the rest of it is, but the range and nuance of colors and shapes are the makings of dreams, good ones.

mystery plantSome research and assistance from People Who Know About These Things revealed that this monster is an agave attenuata, a cactus basically, but that seems an inadequate description. I was calling it the Puff the Magic Dragon and it didn’t seem to mind.

I have never done yard work like this before but am finding delight in it despite my aching back and unusual bug bites. I am honored and humbled to have inherited this abundance. And this garden is still young. In a couple of years, if we persevere, it could be world class.

In the meantime, there’s this.

Wine glass flower 3Yeah, that’ll do nicely.



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